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Prochains Seminaires

Probing small-scale primordial features with the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background, Sébastien Renaux-Petel

17 juin 2021

Features of the primordial density fluctuations power spectrum are theoretically extremely motivated from embeddings of inflation in high-energy (...)

Muon g-2 : experiment, standard model and lattice quantum chromodynamics, Laurent Lellouch (CNRS & Aix-Marseille U.)

10 juin 2021

Twenty years ago in an experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory, physicists measured the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment, (...)

Stochastic gravitational-wave backgrounds from astrophysical sources, Irina Dvorkin (IAP)

3 juin 2021

The gravitational-wave observatories LIGO and Virgo have so far detected several tens of merging compact binaries, allowing for the first time to (...)

Synthetic observables from simulations of black-hole magnetospheres, Benjamin Crinquand

27 mai 2021

A variety of astrophysical phenomena can only be explained as being powered by black holes. In particular, accreting supermassive black holes are (...)

Perturbing binary black holes with effective field theory, Leong Khim Wong (IPhT)

6 mai 2021

Effective field theories (EFTs) facilitate what might otherwise be completely untenable calculations by helping us focus on only the most (...)

Formation and Evolution of Massive Black Holes, Mélanie Habouzit (Heidelberg)

15 avril 2021

Massive black holes of million solar mass and above are commonly hosted by massive galaxies, but are also present in local dwarf galaxies. Black (...)