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Prochains Seminaires

Dimitrios Giannios, Neutron star mergers : the light after the gravitational waves

21 octobre 2021

The first-ever neutron star merger observed through its gravitational wave emission, GW170817, was followed by a short duration gamma-ray burst (...)

Star forming galaxies as cosmic ray factories : a multi-messenger view, Enrico Peretti

14 octobre 2021

Star forming galaxies (SFGs) are powerful factories of high-energy cosmic rays. Their star formation rate (SFR) is a key physical property (...)

Physical scales in black hole scattering pseudospectra : the role of the scalar product, Edgar Gasperin

7 octobre 2021

A pseudospectrum analysis has recently provided evidence of a potential generic instability of black hole (BH) quasinormal modes (QNM) under (...)

Towards Global Simulation and Observation of Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetosphere of the Earth, Nicolas Aunai

30 septembre 2021

Magnetic reconnection is the driver of magnetospheric activity. When occuring on the dayside magnetopause, reconnection lets solar wind and (...)

Hunting for new physics with the next generation of CMB experiments, Thibaut Louis (CEA)

23 septembre 2021

We are living an exciting time in observational cosmology, the expansion rate inferred from low redshift observations is in disagreement with the (...)