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Prochains Seminaires

A new face of PKS 1510-089, Michael Zacharias

28 janvier 2021

The flat spectrum radio quasar PKS 1510-089 is known for a complex behavior requiring different theoretical explanations at different times. In (...)

Enhancing gravitational-wave science with machine learning , Leïla Haegel (APC)

21 janvier 2021

Gravitational waves are characterised by non-linear dynamics, high dimensional source systems, and present noisy signal in the ground-based (...)

The hunt for pevatrons, Pierre Cristofari (LUTH)

14 janvier 2021

The search for pevatrons (objects capable of accelerating 10$^15$ eV particles) has become one of the key targets of the high—energy gamma—ray (...)

The transient high-energy sky, Fabian Schussler

17 décembre 2020

The last years have brought about unprecedented breakthroughs and discoveries in high-energy astrophysics. Most of them are related to transient (...)

Dirty gravitational-wave physics, Laura Sberna

10 décembre 2020

The black hole binaries detected so far by the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration were “clean” sources of gravitational waves : the binary dynamics and (...)

Exploring fundamental physics with tests of the equivalence principle from the lab to the Galactic Center, Aurélien Hees (SYRTE)

3 décembre 2020

The Einstein equivalence principle is at the heart of the theory of General Relativity. This principle is not based on theoretical considerations (...)