Liste des Séminaires

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Prochains Seminaires

Can non-dipolar magnetic fields launch a core-collapse supernova explosion ?, Matteo Bugli

12 mars 2020

Magnetic fields are regarded as a possible explanation for outstanding astrophysical explosions such as hypernovae or superluminous supernovae, (...)

Gravitational radiation from a binary black hole coalescence in Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity, Félix-Louis Julié

5 mars 2020

In this talk I will show how to derive analytical gravitational waveforms associated to the coalescence of a “hairy” black hole binary in (...)

Averaging in spatially homogenous Einstein-Klein-Gordon cosmology, Gernot Heissel (LESIA)

27 février 2020

In spatially homogenous cosmologies with a massive scalar field, oscillations enter the Einstein-matter system via the Klein-Gordon equation. (...)

Putting Infinity on the Grid, David Hilditch

6 février 2020

I will talk about an ongoing research program relying on a dual frame approach to treat numerically the field equations of GR (in generalized (...)

Kilonovae and the coalescence of neutron stars, Sarah Antier (APC - CNES)

30 janvier 2020

The second LIGO-Virgo observing run (O2) enabled the exciting multi-messenger discovery of GW170817 with gravitational waves emitted from the (...)

Resonant relaxation of stars around a supermassive black hole, Jean-Baptiste Fouvry (IAP)

23 janvier 2020

In the vicinity of a supermassive black hole, stars move on nearly Keplerian orbits. Yet, because of the enclosed stellar mass and general (...)