AGN-feedback in local radio-galaxies

Philippe Salome

AGN-feedback is commonly invoked to regulate star formation in massive galaxies. Brightest cluster galaxies at the center of cool core clusters are very good probes of these AGN-ISM interaction. In particular, observations of the molecular gas content in those galaxies is a very powerful indicator of the physical state of the reservoir of matter that should eventually form stars. The discovery of large molecular filaments around those galaxies is still a puzzle and open new questions. Closer to us, Centaurus A is even more interesting to study the detailed mechanisms at play when an AGN-jet encounters a gas cloud. In the particular gas, it seems that the jet triggers molecular gas formation in the form of a collection of clumps with very low star formation efficiency. The advent of ALMA and the huge amount of data already available in the archive is changing our view of the cold Universe. In order to help the data mining we have developed a remote data-cube quick look viewer (ARTEMIX) that I will quickly introduced at the end of this talk.