Arrival direction studies and search for neutral particles with the Pierre Auger Observatory

Federico Mariani

The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest hybrid detector designed to investigate the origin and the nature of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays. The observatory has been in operation continuously since 2004, and during the currently more than 20 years of operations has collected a huge amount of high-quality data which gave us knowledge about the origin of the most energetic particles ever observed in the universe.
This seminar will present the main and most recent results obtained in searches for arrival direction and in particular neutral particles during Auger Phase I, i.e., those before the installation of the upgrade Auger Prime.
These include the searches of UHE photons, neutrinos and neutrons, which mainly made it possible to set upper limits on their expected fluxes and search for excesses in direction of candidate acceleration sources and transient events sites.