Cosmic-ray confinement and Non-thermal emission in star-forming galaxies

Paula Kornecki

Cosmic rays (CRs) are responsible for a tight correlation between the star formation rate (SFR) and the radio/gamma-ray luminosity observed in star-forming galaxies (SFGs). A linear scaling can explain this correlation between the SFR and the number of CR acceleration sites, such as supernova remnants, coupled with particle escape dependence with galaxy properties. However, the nature of the main cosmic-ray transport processes that shape the emission in these galaxies is still poorly understood.
In this work, we performed a multi-wavelength investigation (focus on the gamma-ray energy range) of the CR population and the effective fields affecting their transport within SFGs with different activity levels. With this goal, we develop a model describing the CR transport in SFGs for a broad range of SFRs. We take advantage of the available observations to place strong constraints on the physical processes that govern the non-thermal physics of these sources, and we also made predictions for the upcoming Cherenkov Telescope Array observations.