PhD research topics / Master proposals

The following list presents all PhD subjects proposed to the Doctoral School and open for a possible 3 years grant.

  • All those subjects are open for a competitive application to obtain a doctoral contract (a french government grant) from ED 127. In particular, a student interested by one subject for which another funding has been asked, but who doesn’t know around the end of April wether it was successful, should send an application for a doctoral contract, as a backup.
  • It is advised to apply for two subjects.
  • It is advised to contact the director of the laboratory to get informations on the laboratory scientific policy.
  • Applications are not yet opened.

Sujets de thèses proposés

Nom du proposant Laboratoire Sujet PDF
Corasaniti P.S. LUTH Dynamics of baryons in non-standard cosmologies PDF
Michaut C. LUTH Propagation des chocs dans les enveloppes de céphéides PDF
Sauty C. LUTH Accretion and outflow regions around Young Stellar Objects PDF