Quelques pages sur l’histoire du site de l’observatoire de Meudon. Le contenu était en ligne sur le premier site du Luth (2002). C’est une recherche réalisée par Brandon Carter.

La tour de l’ancien régime : the earth bound epoch.

The Observatory campus occupies the upper part of an extensive park where once stood a splendid Renaissance Chateau (whose Communes entrance survives today) that was already used for royal festivities under François I, while the surrounding forest was used for hunting - including falconry, in which the ladies were active participants. During the troubled century following the reformation, it belonged (like much else) to the overweening Guise...
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La tour du tournoyage : the age of uncontrolled flight

Though peacefully prosperous during most of the intervening years, the Meudon site was subject to damaging military occupation at both the beginning and the end of the constitutionally unsettled period from the foundation of the turbulent First Republic in the aftermath of the 1789 Revolution to the restoration of stability with the establishment of the Third Republic in 1871. The Chateau Vieux was « accidentally » destroyed in 1795, during...
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Le tournage du retour : the aerospace age

It was not until the installation of the 3rd Republic that Meudon regained its role (this time permanently) as an aerospace center. In 1877 the upper plateau Campus, including the little that was left of the Chateau Neuf, was allocated to the astronomy community under the leadership of Jules Janssen, while the lower valley Campus bordering on the Etang de Chalais was allocated to a new generation of aeronauts under the leadership of Charles...
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