Codes & Virtual Data


This code is based on a modified version of CMBFAST 4.5.1 by U. Seljak & M. Zaldarriaga which computes the ISW-correlation power spectrum for a given cosmological model and a galaxy selection function. It includes perturbation equation of a generic dark energy fluid with constant or linearly evolving equation of state and constant sound speed.

DEUS Database

Database of the Dark Energy Universe Simulation (DEUS) project. It contains N-body simulation data in redshift and comoving space for different cosmological models calibrated to WMAP data and for different simulation characteristics. Dataset include particle position and velocities for the density field and halos. Total content amount to 75 Tb of data.

Halo Sparsity

This code computes the average halo sparsity for massive halos (>1013 MSun h-1) at a given redshift for a given cosmological model by solving Eq. (4) in Corasaniti et al. (2018) for two different overdensity cases (<s200,500> and <s500,1000>) assuming the mass function parametrizations from Despali et al. (2016) or calibrated against the RayGal simulation halo catalogs. In the case of the Despali et al. (2016) mass function the average sparsity includes the matched halo correction calibrated on the RayGal simulations.