Kadath is a library that implements spectral methods in the context of theoretical physics.
The library is fully parallel but a sequential version can be installed (should be rather slow for real problems).

A description of the library can be found : here

Kadath is a free software under the : GNU General Public License
Contact : Philippe Grandclement

The name of the library is a reference to HP Lovecraft's mythical dwelling place of the Great Ones.

"There were towers on that titan mountaintop; horrible domed towers in noxious and incalculable tiers and clusters beyond any dreamable workmanship of man; battlements and terraces of wonder and menace, all limned tiny and black and distant against the starry pshent that glowed malevolently at the uppermost rim of sight. Capping that most measureless of mountains was a castle beyond all mortal thought, and in it glowed the daemon-light."

The dream-quest of unknown Kadath by HP Lovecraft.