Amandine M. C. Le Brun

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I am a theoretical astrophysicist working on the formation and evolution of galaxies, especially in massive galaxy groups and clusters, and on using the latter as astrophysical laboratories and probes of cosmology. It involves running, developing and analysing large hydrodynamical simulations such as cosmo-OWLS, which is a large (~2.15 billion particles in 400 h-1 Mpc on a side boxes) ab initio cosmological hydrodynamical simulation suite
with varying sub-grid physics

Credit: Craig Booth                                    
I am currently running a new suite of cosmological                         hydrodynamical simulations using the AMR code RAMSES. It focusses on the formation and evolution of the most massive galaxy clusters and is run as part of the
M2C project.   



In addition, a significant part of my research consists in creating
synthetic observations of numerical simulations over a wide range
of wavelengths (from sub-millimetre to X-ray through optical), in
order to
prepare for up-coming surveys, and to understand the
results and associated systematics of on-going surveys.