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Scientific publications

See my ORCID page, or ADS, for an exhaustive list of my work published in scientific reviews.

My scientific publications can always be found on open-access repositories such as arxiv, HAL, or Zenodo.

Below are some highlights.

  • My PhD Thesis: “Simulation of pulsar magnetospheres : detailed study of some radiative mechanisms
    • This work reviews the fundamentals of pulsar electrodynamics (chapter 1 and 2), then develops on the quantum theory of synchro-curvature radiation (chapter 3) and electron-positron pair formation by collision of photons (chapter 4). The last chapter is dedicated to the development of a numerical timing model for the pulsar, following up on my master’s project.
  • Quantum electrodynamics in the pulsar magnetosphere [1,2,3]
  • Testing Gravitation with pulsars [1]
  • Spider pulsars (“red backs” and “black widows”) [1,2,3,4]
  • Fast Radio Bursts [1,2,3]
    • Models based on small bodies orbiting a neutron star and interacting with the star’s wind [1,2];
    • Model of geometrical constraints on FRB emission [3], illustrated by an animation.

I also keep a public library of FRB papers on ADS.


  • Nutimo: The NUmerical TIming MOdel, was initially developed to fit the timing data from the pulsar in a triple system J0337+1715, which could not be treated with the usual timing softwares such as Tempo (1 or 2) due to the three-body relativistic interactions. It may in principle be used for any other three body system. Repository Publication
  • Spider timing model for Tempo2: Implementation of of a timing model for spider pulsars (redbacks and black widows) including 1PN and quadrupolar deformation (of the companion) effects. Repository Publication
  • MCMC4Tempo2: An implementation of the affine-invariant MCMC algorithm (Goodman and Wear 2010) for the timing software Tempo2. Repository Publication


Here are a few presentations representative of my activities:

Here are PDFs and abstracts of these and other presentations.


I have contributed to the outreach magazine “L’Astronomie” (Astronomy) which is a magazine of reference published by the French Astronomical Society (SAF):

  • “Les sursauts radios rapides (FRB) considérés comme des éruptions d’étoiles hyper-magnétisées”, L’Astronomie, Vol. 159, Avril 2022 (In-depth article)
  • “Théorie de la gravitation : la relativité générale tient bon” (Theory of gravitation :
    general relativity is holding up), L’Astronomie, Vol. 148, Avril 2021 (In-depth article)
  • “Être ou ne pas être un pulsar milliseconde” (To be or not to be a millisecond pulsar), L’Astronomie, Vol. 132, Septembre 2018 (In-depth article)

These articles can be ordered on the website of the magazine.

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