Bases de données

Compose  : The online service CompOSE provides data tables for different state of the art equations of state (EoS) ready for further usage in astrophysical applications, nuclear physics and beyond

Deus-Data  : This project aims at investigating the imprints of dark energy on cosmic structure formation through very high resolution cosmological simulations

Deus-Pur  : Database of matter power spectra of the Dark Energy Universe Simulation-Parallel Universe Run simulations

Exoplanets  : Encyclopédie des planètes extrasolaires
Projet démarré au Luth, développé et maintenu par Exoplanet TEAM

Gradsvp  : Calculation of radiative accelerations in stars

RayGalGroupSims  : The RayGalGroupSims suite consists of a set of N-body simulations of different cosmological models, which have been specifically designed to generate high resolution halo catalogs in redshift-space (light-cone) taking into account for all observable relativistic effects to first order in the weak field approximation