Six planets, with clocked orbits, defy the theories of evolution of planetary systems

An observational and theoretical study of the planetary system around the star TOI-178 reveals 6 planets including 5 with commensurable periods (...)

Death of our dear colleague Christiane Vilain

Our colleague Christiane Vilain passed away on Sunday, December 20, 2020, after having fought one year against the disease. At the end of the (...)

Arrival of Guillaume Voisin

We have the pleasure to welcome at the LUTH since November 2, 2020 Guillaume Voisin, CNRS research officer, who joins the PHE team. Guillaume is (...)

Motion of the Councils of the Paris Observatory on the PBDA

The board of the LUTH supports the motion adopted in the Scientific Council and Board of Directors of the Paris Observatory concerning the LPPR (...)

First discovery of the extended emission of a radio galaxy at very high energies

Measurements with the Cherenkov telescopes of the international H.E.S.S. collaboration have demonstrated for the first time that the emission of (...)

Interviews of F. Mottez in the show “La Méthode Scientifique” and on BFMTV

Fabrice Mottez, Director of Research at the LUTH, was invited to speak on Tuesday, February 4 on France-Culture during the Méthode Scientifique (...)