Job offer: post-doctoral contract “High Energy Astrophysics - preparation for CTA”

Applications are open for a post-doctoral position at Paris Observatory, France. The successful candidate will be a member of the High Energy (...)

Zakaria Meliani nouveau Directeur Adjoint du Luth

Zakaria Meliani a été nommé Directeur Adjoint du Laboratoire suite à la démission d’Andreas Zech qui a accepté le poste de Directeur de L’UFE au sein de (...)

Rising Tides on Black Holes

Many works have shown that a static black hole, i.e. one that does not rotate on itself, does not deform under the effect of a gravitational (...)

Arrival of Sanika KHADKIKAR

We are pleased to welcome Sanika KHADKIKAR, laureate of the “Charpak Lab 2021” programme. She will do her internship under the supervision of (...)

Students’ Day 2021

The students of the laboratory presented their research work on Wednesday 10 March 2021. You can find the presentations and the recorded videos (...)

Six planets, with clocked orbits, defy the theories of evolution of planetary systems

An observational and theoretical study of the planetary system around the star TOI-178 reveals 6 planets including 5 with commensurable periods (...)