Jenny Sorce (CRAL)

Do we need a new cosmological model ? GMO-CLONES, a solution to the precision cosmology dilemma

To unveil the nature of 95% of the Universe, missions such as Euclid aim at reaching a few percent precision. In this quest for precision, tensions between the standard cosmological model and observations already arise : local and global H0 measurements are incompatible at more than 3-sigma, anomalies emerge within the CMB, etc. These tensions suggest that we should perhaps not be so quickly inclined to disregard our observational site as a bias factor : Accuracy is not Precision. Few percent precision and local-induced biases are of the same order of magnitude. A precise mapping of the local distribution of matter is essential to properly account for these biases. Simulations constrained to resemble the local Universe constitute the tool of choice for such a mapping. I will summarize the genesis of the initial conditions of such simulations as well as present a few results that promise to tremendously impact our understanding of the local-induced biases that will matter in future analyses. Eventually, I will present the initial conditions of the GMO-CLONES (GMO-Constrained LOcal & Nesting Environment Simulation) suite to reach an Accurate Precision Cosmology.

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