Geometry and physics of black holes

Lectures at Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics

Dubna, 11-19 May 2017

These lectures introduce some aspects of black hole physics via a geometrical approach. The prerequisite is some basic knowledge of general relativity, at the level of an introductory course.

Location and schedule

Lecture 1 (11 May 2017)

Null hypersurfaces and event horizons


Lecture 2 (16 May 2017)

Differential geometry with the open-source software system SageMath


Running SageMath (with ou without installation)

Lecture 3 (16 May 2017)

The Schwarzschild black hole


Lecture 4 (17 May 2017)

The Kerr black hole


Lecture 5 (18 May 2017)

Evolution and thermodynamics of black holes


Lecture 6 (19 May 2017)

The quasi-local approach to black holes: trapping horizons


√Čric Gourgoulhon / 2017-05-19